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  • DHAKA, 2019

    The old city of Dhaka near Sadarghat.


    Rohingya boys play in a stream swollen by monsoon rain, June 2018

  • Rohingya refugees, Bangladesh, October 2017

  • Rohingya Refugees

    Rohingya refugees from Myanmar cross the border into Bangladesh. November 2017


    A refugee from Myanmar carries his father across the border in Bangladesh. November 2017

  • Port-au-Prince, Feb 2017


    52 year old Camita Étienne rummages through the debris of her home in Jérémie, Haiti, after the passage of hurricane Matthew.

  • LESVOS, GREECE, Nov. 2015

    A Syrian refugee who has just landed on the Island of Lesvos after making the perilous crossing from Turkey holds her baby in a thermal blanket she was given by aid workers.

  • Lesvos, GREECE, Nov. 2015

    A female refugee is attended to by an aid worker of a Dutch organization Stichting Bootvluchteling, moments after a rubber raft carrying 40 to 50 migrants reached the shore of Lesvos island.

  • IDPs, AFGHANISTAN, April 2015

    Herat, Afghanistan, April 2015 Bringing water to a makeshift settlement at Karizak, a few km outside Herat.


    Officer Carlos Juracan, a member of the police anti-narcotics squad lies dying after intercepting a mugger. The killing happened on a sunday afternoon in the centre of Guatemala City.

  • Bangui, C.A.R. 2014

    Displaced families sought shelter from the violence by settling at the airport among trashed planes.

  • PORT-AU-PRINCE, 2013

    Little league baseball project in Port-au-Prince run by an US-based NGO, shot for Sportsnet magazine, August 2013

  • PORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan. 2012

    The ruins of the cathedral in the centre of the city.

  • Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 2011

  • Tahrir Square, CAIRO, Feb 2011

    A battle for control of Tahrir Square rages through the night between Mubarak loyalists and revolutionaries.

  • Tahrir Square, CAIRO, Feb. 2011

    Sleeping by the barricades.

  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 2010

  • Midwives, Milot, HAITI 2009

    Nurse midwives deliver a baby in the small hours of the morning at Hopital Sacré-Coeur in Milot.

  • BRAZIL, Dec. 2009

    Prospectors search for gold in the Amazon jungle.

  • BELGRADE, Serbia, 2008

    A subway station is graffitied in protest of Kosovo independence.

  • SERBIA, "the sad south"2008

    An abandoned factory in Leskovac, Serbia. This shard of the former Yugoslavia struggles economically after the fall of communism and the civil war. Especially hard-hit, the south of Serbia bordering Kosovo was known as "the sad south.

  • Haiti, 2007

    Workers move bags in the charcoal market in Arcahaie, Haiti in 2007.

  • Mozambique, 2007

  • Mozambique, 2007, Everything they own.

    These items constitute the total possessions of two siblings who have lost their parents to illness. They live together in a small hut and survive with the the help of neighbours.

  • Lebanon, 2007

    Hani Hassouna was an explosives expert for Hezbollah when he lost both hands in an explosion. He now supports his family by raising pigeons on a hilltop near Sidon.

  • Mothers of Srebrenica Assoc., 2006

  • GHANA, 2006

    in a small village, a girl rests on a bag of grain, a man drinks, a dog ambles by.

  • Northern Uganda, 2006

    A young girl strips the thorns off wood she is collecting.

  • PORT-AU-PRINCE, 2006

    Haitians take to the streets of the capital to protest the slow process of ballot counting and the suggestion that René Preval might not win the presidential election. Deemed the overwhelming favorite by the poor of Haiti, he was declared the winner of the presidency on the 14th of May 2006.

  • Gonaives, Haiti, 2005

    A boy searches for shrimp in post-flood waters.

  • NEW ORLEANS 2005

    The body of an African-American male floats in the floodwaters in an area of New Orleans known as Mid-City. Sept 7th 2005

  • D.R. Congo, 2004

    On the road, Ituri province

  • D.R.CONGO, 2004

    A pastor in a tiny hamlet in Ituri province practices the trombone that he plays in church. That's Madonna on his shirt

  • D.R. Congo, 2004

    A checkpoint on the road to Bunia, manned by boys.


    Palestinian youth protesting the wall from inside. The rainbow was caused by a water cannon.

  • BAGHDAD, 2003

    A US army medic holds an I.V. drip for an Iraqi Saddam loyalist fatally wounded after a brief firefight near the Baghdad airport.

  • BAGHDAD,2003

    Iraqis in a Shiite district of Baghdad hurl shoes and insults at busts of Saddam Hussein, a few days after the fall of his regime.

  • BAGHDAD, April 2003

    A civilian victim of an explosion is carried away from the hospital in Baghdad.

  • KABUL, 2002

    A bare-headed young woman rides a wooden ferris wheel in Kabul. All such activity had been banned for the previous five years under the Taliban.

  • KABUL, 2002

    A boy plays in the ruins of the king's palace, destroyed by the Mujaheddin in the early 90's.


    Buz Kashi, the national sport of Afghanistan that is a combination of polo and rugby using an animal carcass instead of a ball, had been outlawed under the Taliban rule.

  • South Sudan, August 2001

    A local man watches a relief agency plane stuck in the mud on a makeshift airstrip.

  • SOUTH SUDAN, August 2001

    A woman of the Nuer tribe collects milk in gourds. The Nuer are nomadic pastoralists and depend on cattle for their survival.

  • Ramallah, WEST BANK, 2000

    Young men run from an onslaught of tear gas and rubber bullets unleashed by the Israeli Defence Force during the second Intifada.

  • Freetown, SIERRA LEONE, 2000

    War amputees play soccer near the camp that housed many of the war victims on the outskirts of Freetown.

  • ERITREA, 2000

    Eritrean children displaced by fighting between Eritrean and Ethiopian forces crowd around a vehicle.

  • RAJASTHAN, 2000

    As monsoon rains failed in much of Asia, Rajasthan faced a crippling drought that lasted several years, and altered the semi-nomadic lifestyle of pastoralists.

  • VIETNAM, september 1999

    Scene of a floating market on the border with Cambodia.

  • KOSOVO, October 1998

    A 19 year-old fighter of the KLA expires from his wounds before he can be brought to hospital.

  • ALBANIA, 1998

    An Albanian man killed on the Albania-Kosovo border in the beginning of the "Kosovo Crisis" is mourned by his family.


    Delinquent boys spend time in an institution in Yerevan Armenia, August, 1997. As Armenia emerged from Soviet domination, it began to reform its social services and the treatment of delinquent youth.

  • D.R. Congo, April 1997

    Hutu survivors of a massacre at Biaro.

  • Biaro, D.R. CONGO 1997

    Hutu survivors of a massacre at Biaro, crowd onto a train that will begin their journey back to Rwanda.

  • GAZA, Beach Camp, 1996

    A bird in the hand...

  • Kabul, October 1996

    Taliban fighters in one of their earlier incarnations mull around Kabul in the early days of their takeover of the city in October 1996

This rapid fly-over of some of the more interesting stories and places that I have covered could act as a photojournalism portfolio. The images appear in the chronological order they were shot, traveling back in time. It is surprising how little the photographer's approach changes, despite the many attempts to do so. My photography is almost invariably dense and complex. In the end, I am always hoping to produce a layered image that invites multiple viewings. This collection amounts to the antithesis of a commercial portfolio, so if you are thinking of hiring me for something more business-like, please look at another part of my site.