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    Sister Julienne looks at an effigy of the founder of her order, the Soeurs de Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours, in the history centre of the order that she manages in St-Damien de Buckland, Quebec. "It's not a museum, it's a history centre. When I die you can stuff me and put me here" she says with a smile.

  • Lt. General Roméo Dallaire

    Twenty years after the Rwandan Genocide, Gen. Dallaire still sleeps with the ghosts. I had the honour to photograph him at the private military club "le Cercle de la Garnison" in Quebec City. For some reason they paint the walls red there.


    12 year-old Félix has been blind since birth. One day his father played a blues record and he was hooked. He plays like Robert Johnson and knows the life story of all the great blues players.


    Cirque du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre, photographed for Canadian Business at the Cirque headquarters in Montreal. Founder Guy Laliberté handed over the reigns to this wild ride last year.

  • Justin Trudeau PM of Canada

    October 19th,the night Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister of Canada.


    I photographed artist Jon Rafman for Canadian Art, fall issue 2015 . One of the many fascinating things he does is comb google street view for surreal/poetic moments. He also creates beautiful still-life photographs of stuff. Anyway this photo obviously gets its cue fro Google. The shot wasn't coming together. It was raining, there was no one around etc. Then as I was beginning to sweat, the skies opened, friends of Rafman walked by, my friend Derek rolled up with his propane tank and gave it a look of truth.

  • DEAN POTTER, free-climber,slack-liner, BASE-jumper

    I had the good fortune to shoot a profile story of climbing, slack-lining and base jumping, wing-suit innovator Dean Potter some years ago in Utah. He was a remarkable individual on many levels, and I have to thank Rob Haggart for that opportunity. Dean died in a wing-suit accident in May 2015.

  • Black Atlas

    A 19 year-old musician from Ontario while recording his latest in a small Montreal studio that features many vintage synths and keyboards, instruments that figure prominently in Alex Fleming's R&B tinged music. And the best lips since Jagger.


    Gilles Vaillancourt, the former mayor of Laval, Quebec was found guilty of corruption charges stemming from his 20+ year reign at the Laval city hall. Here he is seen rebuffing accusations during a meeting open to the public, a couple of years before the charges were filed. .

  • CEO of SNC Lavalin

    This 2011 portrait of SNC Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime works even better after he was charged with corrupt business practices in 2013. The case was scheduled to go to trial in 2015.


    L'itinéraire is a magazine produced with the help of and for homeless people. These two ladies, though not really homeless are probably unemployable and survive on their take from the sales. The magazine asked me to shoot this portrait for their calendar. 2016


    Chef Martin Picard at his restaurant le Sugar Shack, just outside of Montreal.


    A biology class of University du Quebec à Montréal photographed for the Macleans's University ranking issue of 2014.


    I photographed Jack Layton for Macleans in March 2011, a few short months before his death. He was still working with all he had for what he believed in. His last words to the public were "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world".


    A shoot for the Brazilian business magazine VEJA


    Tim, a construction worker who was laid off during the 2008 recession, found a new job playing a forest bogey-man in an amusement park in a small town in New Hampshire.


    Working at the Pinel penitentiary and in a lower economic neighborhood of Montreal, Dr. Tremblay has produced controversial studies on aggression in childhood and how it affects later life.


    Maria Choc is the wife of slain Guatemalan human rights activist Adolfo Choc. She pursues his work and is involved in a long-standing legal battle against his killers.


    Montreal author and journalist Sean Michaels, photographed outside his flat on the Plateau Mont-Royal area of Montreal, a few weeks before he won the coveted Giller Prize for his first novel "Us Conductors".


    Major Marc Dauphin was the head of Canadian Forces medical staff in Afghanistan for three and a half years.


    Maskull Lasserre in his studio in Montreal, June 2012

  • ReplyGirl

    ReplyGirl is a youtube sensation with over two million hits on her rather vague remarks about whatever is trending. She does this from her bedroom in the family apartment.


    Uhh not really, this is Alex standing in for the successful mogul during a light test. Somehow I like this picture better, Alex has more 'tude.

  • MBA student Jesse Pearlstein

    McGill MBA student Jesse Pearlstein in the McGill faculty building

  • Professor Di Tomasso

    Shot for University Affairs magazine, this portrait is of Professor Lorenzo Di Tommaso, the chair of the department of Religious Studies, who studies the history and culture of apocalyptic thought.

  • Georges Marciano outside his Hotel in Montreal's old city.

  • Martha Wainwright, singer-songwriter at home.

  • Johnny S., owner of the Cafe Cleopatra strip Club


    Sherwin Tjia, cat lover and event manager

  • Josh Key, Iraq war deserter hiding in Canada


    Somewhere in Louisiana, long ago, for En Route Magazine. They said they were closing down that year. Probably replaced by a Denny's now.

  • Orphan in Azerbaijan

  • Ron Pedrowne, whose atheletic career ended by concussions

  • Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Quebecois

  • President of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Marcel Aubut

  • Mark Guerbilsky, advertising accounts manager

  • Les Trois Accords, Quebec joke-rockers

  • University student in her dorm room

  • Mary Mcarthy at 99 years of age, at home in Havana

  • Three women of Sarajevo, photographed on the same street corner on the same afternoon

  • MAT

    Mat has a T-shirt that says "Some people are Trans, get over it". When I was asked to photograph transgender youth, I thought of how nature offers endless variations on each theme and that these variations are essential to evolution. So I wanted to photograph my subjects in a setting that spoke of nature and beauty.

  • SHANE works in a health center for LGBT community

  • S at home with the cat

    S is a trans-gender client of the Sherbourne Health Centre, a facility dedicated to the LGBT community in downtown Toronto.